The beginning of a living room mood board

Early 2015 is going to be a whole new start for me and little Miss Poppet – we are moving into the first new home we’ll own together. I’ve owned homes by myself but since Miss P was born I’ve lived in rented houses, or with my mother. This will be our first grown up house and it can’t happen soon enough. Roll on the New Year and a new start in our own home.

I can’t stop obsessing, planning and preparing ideas for our new home and how it’s going to look, how we’ll live in it, what I need to do to make it truly ours. I want it to reflect us, our lives, our loves and personalities, so I’ve got some exciting projects in mind. It will be a constantly evolving working progress (isn’t any home?) and I look forward to documenting here. Today is step one – a mood board for what I’m sure will be the heart of our home, the living room.

I’ve slowly been adding to the tiny amount of furniture I bought back from Sydney with us when we moved back in 2013, and have gone into shopping overdrive of late. Taking advice from blogger Kimberley Duran I’ve created a mood board so I can see how all my pieces work together and ‘curate’ what works and what doesn’t.

The focal point will be my much-loved mushroom grey sofa that I bought in Sydney about five years ago. I splashed out on this key item because I wanted a sofa I loved and would keep for years. It’s currently in storage, so the picture below is one I found online of a sofa that is a similar colour. The real deal is by Paddington Furniture, and once anyone sits they always ask where it is from – and either fall asleep or wonder if they’ll ever get up again. I have the ottoman as well. I will update this with pics of the real thing when they emerge from storage – roll on 9 January 2015. Not long now!

Of course l will keep adding to this board as I find new beautiful things that deserve to be in our home. What do you think?



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  1. What a great idea. I love the colours, feels like home already. Good luck in your new home. x

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