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My heart belongs in my living room

My living room

I love my living room. Usually it’s the kitchen that gets the honour of being the heart of any home but for me my living room is where it’s at.

Sprawled on the sofa wrapped in Designer’s Guild blanket, or sitting on the rug doing a puzzle with Poppet, its the living room I gravitate to as soon as the day’s work is done. It’s where I’m sitting typing this post right now, and where I was earlier snuggling up with Poppet before she went to bed. It sees all of the action in our home.

One of my first posts on this blog was my living room mood board. We hadn’t moved in yet, and I had started to piece together a vision of what my living room would look like. Some of my pieces I had for years, other were new and the mood board helped me see how it would all work together.

Now you can see how it all came together in the picture above. Not bad hey?

You can check the mood board post for more details about the items in my room, but here’s a quick listing incase you see anything you like:

Maroq rug, Cox and Cox

Berry lampshade and Selby clear glass ball lamp, Laura Ashley

Charlotte cushion (just seen behind Poppet) – Bluebellgray

– Side table (part of a nest of three), TK Maxx

Felix light blue armchair, Swoon Editions

– Mushroom grey sofa, Paddington Furniture (bought in Sydney in 2009)

– White TV console table, from a furniture shop in Sydney the name of which I don’t remember!

– Wall art, home-made with Marimekko fabric.

ps. Spot Olaf! (If you don’t know who Olaf is then you clearly haven’t wasted enough time watching Frozen with children under the age of 10. Clue, he’s on the ottoman and has a carrot for a nose.)

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