New year, new single mother blog

New single mother blog

It’s been over a year since I posted here. Sigh. Life, and work, got in the way. But I’ve started 2019 with a renewed enthusiasm for blogging. It’s been way too long and I miss writing and connecting with people here.

However my life has changed, so to be true to who I am this blog needs to move on too. So I’ve waved goodbye to the Self-Employed Single Mum name and moving this blog to a new home. With a new name.

Why? Well mainly because I’m no longer self-employed and I don’t envisage being self-employed again. Not at the moment anyway. But I’m always going to be a solo mum so that’s what this blog will focus on from now on.

Choosing single motherhood. Becoming a single mother by choice. And all the challenges, joys and fun that goes with life as a solo mum.

A blog for solo mums

I will still talk about money, life hacks, work, travel and many other things that I think will interest you. But it will be through the lens of being a solo mum.

I want to be a supportive shoulder to lean on for any woman who finds herself where I was nearly 10 years ago. Stuck between a rock and a flippin’ hard place. Feeling backed into a corner by an unfair set of cards you’ve been dealt. Realising that the only option left is to go it alone.

I want to offer them, and women who’ve already made the leap in to solo motherhood, a sisterhood. Because it can feel damn lonely sometimes on the solo mum express to parenthood. You’re like the other mums, but not like them too. You’re a fish out of water in a sea of two parent families. Partnered up folk who just don’t get what it’s like to be at home alone EVERY night. To show up to parent’s evening solo. To never have anyone to split the bills with, or shoulder the bread-winning with.

But I get it. I get where you’ve been, and I get where you’re going.

So I’ve moved here to I’m calling myself ‘the solo mum mentor’ but I hope I’m more of a supportive older sister. The one who’s lived it before you, been in the trenches and is climbing out the other side.

Using my name gives me the freedom to be who I am, to keep evolving what I write about and never feel tied to one outlook or topic.

So, I’m spending my evenings and days off getting the new site ready – it won’t look wildly different. And from Friday, 25 January this site is on a new domain!

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