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My top 10 blog posts of 2017As the first year of blogging here on Self-Employed Single Mum draws to a close I’ve been taking stock and of the last 12 months and planning for 2018. That’s included digging into the stats for this site.

It’s been a valuable exercise because it’s given me a great insight into which posts are striking a chord and being read the most. I’ve now got a clearer idea of where to go with my content next year. That might mean there’ll be a few changes around here!

I’ve also been giving myself a great big pat on the back for getting through a whole year of blogging, and blogging pretty consistently. I’m loving growing this blog and connecting with my readers. It’s why I started this blog and why I want to start offering mentoring for single mums next year.

So, to celebrate a WHOLE YEAR (!) of SESM, here are my top 10 blog posts of 2017:

1 | 11 reasons to love being a single mum

In nearly every month of this year this post was in the top two or three posts. Historically there’s been a lot of negativity around being a single mother so I think this full-on celebration of what is GREAT about single motherhood was a welcome dose of positivity.

2 | Inspiring quotes every frazzled single mother needs to read

When life throws you a single parenting curve ball sometimes it’s hard to see your way forward. I love quotes for helping me see a different perspective and it seems that lots of you agree. This collection of inspiring quotes are great to keep to hand to help you get a positive perspective when the going gets tough.

3 | Why I’m NOT a single mother by choice

The path I took to motherhood is often referred to as being a ‘single mother by choice’. In this post I let off steam about why I’m not comfortable with that label. I think many of you who have chosen the same path, or may do in the future, could identify with how and why I came to be a single mother.

4. It’s time to say NO! to working nine-to-five

Another rant. This time about the toxicity of traditional working hours and why it’s time to leave bums-on-seats presentee-ism where where it belongs. In the past. The campaign for truly flexible working really reached a crescendo this year so this post hit the right note at the right time.

5. The truth about being a single mum on Mother’s Day

This post really struck a chord with single mamas everywhere. I hate to have a moan, but I’ve definitely struggled with Mother’s Day in the past. This post uncovers why it can be tricky and how single mums can be prepared to celebrate the day in their own way.

6 | How to save money on food (the quick and simple way)

It’s been interesting to notice that money savings posts are the next most popular category after single parenting. I’m a big of a personal finance geek so this pleases me no end! This post contain simple, actionable advice anyone can use to get their food shopping bill under control.

7| How to manage your money: 6 steps to financial freedom on a single income

More money advice. Coping on a single income isn’t easy. Money is probably THE most stressful part of being a single mother. So finding ways to manage your money better is key being able to be your best self. This post covers the steps you can take to empower your financial situation when you’re the only breadwinner.

8 | Thriving as a single mum: 6 lessons from Lorelai Gilmore

There aren’t many positive single mum role models in popular culture so when I discovered the Gilmore Girls I was hooked. If you haven’t discovered this feel-good classic yet then quick run to Netflix immediately! (But don’t bother with the recent revival, it’s truly awful!)

Lorelai Gilmore is a single mama who’s not only a great mum but also starts her own business and lives a great life at the heart of a supportive community. There’s a huge amount to be learnt from this quick-witted mama. (If only my local cafe owner looked like Luke!)

9| 8 quick mood boosters for when everything sucks

I’m so pleased this post snuck into the top ten because self-care an essential building block to thriving as a single mama. In this post I share eight of my favourite pick-me-ups – things I do to get me out of a funk and give myself a little boost.

10 | Dating as a single mother: Can you be bothered?

At some point most single mamas get back in the dating game. Or at least think about it. I’ve dabbled here and there over the years but frankly for me it simply isn’t a priority anymore. In this post I discuss why, and what’s top of the list for me these days.

Reading through this list it’s clear to me what direction to take my content in next year. 2018 will see more posts about:

  • solo parenting
  • personal finance
  • self-care

I’ll be moving away writing about self-employment (yes, despite this blog’s name!) and online business because that’s clearly not what most of your want to read about.

Do you agree? What was your favourite post of 2017? Let me know in the comments.

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